Sunday, 16 October 2011

Brennan's First Registered Dressage Tests

I don't think I could actually be any happier with Brennan's performance today. Right from plaiting him up last night (he slept through that) to loading him on the float to come home today, he didn't put a foot wrong and I really could not be more proud of him. His first test was a little rushed and he was a tiny bit distracted but he did everything asked of him and warmed up in a new environment surrounded by more horses than he has ever had to deal with (including a couple who rode right up his jacksy) beautifully. 1.2 was his first test and he scored a very respectable 60.833% and 3 points for his ESNZ record.

Back to the yard we went with 3 hours and 45 minutes to kill between tests. We started with him in the stallion box but it was so dark and dusty that neither Karen nor I could really face it again so we stuck him in an outside yard. He enjoyed having a bit more to look at. Then it rained so we went back under cover to a covered yard, then the sun came out and it got hot so back to the outside yard, then it rained again so we went back under cover, then the sun came out ... you get the picture? The judge from the morning test even hunted us out to find out more about Brennan and compliment us on what a lovely pony he is with huge potential - that was a super bonus to our day!

By the time he was tacked up for his second test he was so chilled out that he was half asleep bless him and Karen had some trouble finding the 'go' button but he went out and did a really nice, flowing test that we were both really happy with. We took him back and packed up the float and came home before the class was finished - he was tired and so were we - I got an email a couple of hours ago to let me know he came away with a 65.5% mark and another 5 points for his ESNZ record. Bloody Brilliant! This was a composite mark as there were two judges for the test. The first judge giving him 64.231% and the second, $66.923%.

We were very lucky to have a good friend come and video both tests for us - something we are so grateful for! And, of course, I was there with my camera so, here are a selection of photos and the videos from the day.

Warming up

Another yard moment
In the arena

Too ... tired ... to ... keep eyes open

Soopa kyoot pony parked in his yard
Preliminary Test 1.3% - 65 577%

Preliminary Test 1.2 - 60.833%

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