Sunday, 4 September 2011

Some trot poles and a dressage rally

The weather has been kind to us this weekend and Karen and Brennan have a couple of good rides under their belts. You will notice from the photos that his mane is getting shorter - I have been brave and agreed to having it pulled so we can present a more workman-like and professional picture. Now I have done it, I am very pleased but it was actually quite a hard decision - I did love that mane. The fetlocks and tail stay though!!

Saturday was lateral work and an introduction to trot poles and Brennan was on form - he's learning and retaining everything and doing everything that is asked of him which is all that we can ask. Now I need to get some decent jumps and poles!

Today the local dressage group was running a rally alongside the show jumping group who had a practice day so Brennan had a double whammy to contend with. It was the first time he has seen show jumps and horses jumping over them and he was absolutely transfixed. In fact he left a considerable portion of his brain back in the yards and was lacking a little focus but it was a good outing - next outing may be a xc practice day. Now he is going to just LOVE that!!

Super pony!

Dressage Rally

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