Monday, 20 June 2011

This weekend past

So it was the last weekend before Brennan and Karen make their partnership debut next weekend - exciting stuff. On Saturday we took Brennan down to Becky's arena for a work out. He was a bit grumpy and a little off his game. Didn't do anything wrong but just lacked some of his usual razzle dazzle and enthusiasm. I had my new video camera and have taken video which I will link on here, just be aware it's not his best work. I also took some photos.

Sunday Brennan, Karen and I went down to the Solway Showgrounds for Brennan to have a work session around other horses. He had a much better attitude on Sunday although I now have instructions to up his feed allowance so he has a bit more spark - Not sure who was more tired once they had finished, Brennan from having to focus and concentrate so much or Karen for having to keep Brennan going forward! I also have video of his first 8 or so minutes working in - again, it's not stunning footage but at least shows you how chilled out he is in company. He had a quick whizz around one of the arenas that had been set up and ran through 0.4 for the first time. I called the test so was not able to video him but, aside from losing concentration when a rider parked her horse between C and M (where he had to pick up his second canter lead) and a little loss of concentration coming up the centre line to halt, he did a nice, flowing, forward test with a nice contact - If they can repeat this next weekend, we will all be very happy.

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