Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Frustration ...

It's depressing when you desperately want to do something well and you just can't, especially when you are painfully aware of all the things you do wrong but you just can't seem to fix them. It's been practice, practice, practice (in my case, nearly 30 years of practice) but I still can't really ride. OK, so I don't tend to fall off and there are moments when everything almost comes together but those moments are so few and far between, I sometimes wonder why I bother and why I put my poor horses through the experience of being ridden by me. I know I need more lessons and I really do want to have them but it's a financial thing. I guess I just have to work out HOW to afford it and just do it!

Please do not think that I am not fishing for compliments by posting this blog update, I am not. I am just sharing the feeling of utter frustration that I feel after so many of my rides, especially those where Nick has been kind enough to take photos for me. I am sure many riders who read this blog can empathise with my feelings today, I guess that is why I am sharing them.

Riding IS hard, it really is SO hard and there is so much to remember and each horse is so different and I am not a natural athlete! I am painfully conscious of my hands and try so hard not to pull on my horse's mouths and ride them up into the contact so why, when I look at so many of my photos are my hands curling? Argh! I have been working hard on my toes lately and it seems that something there is improving but now my hands look like they are getting worse. I can't win!!

I tried Brennan in the new rubber and rope bit that Karen has brought down for him today and he definitely likes it. Sweet pony tried very hard and we did have a pretty nice ride but I really do find it hard to keep my hands up and forward and steady, particularly on him. They always seem to end up somewhere near my crotch or completely uneven and wrists curled. It's not pretty and I hate it!!

Here are some photos, judge for yourselves. I also must not wear oversize t-shirts when having riding shots taken - Seriously UGLY fat look!

Hands in the crotch - argh!

Left hand down & twisted, right hand up - ugh!
See, wtf am I trying to do with my left had here!
Again with the left hand!
Now my toes are great but my arms and hands are yack!
LOOK up, lift hands!
interesting right leg
Damn this pony is cute tho!
Thanks for listening to me moan and ramble. I just have to add that it is such a testament to this pony's temperament that he goes as well as he does for me. He's an angel.

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