Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Zoom Zoom video

Fairly average ride today but got some video footage which I will share anyway. We're working on our canter transitions and getting forward and maintaining our canter plus a bit of self carriage as Meg can be a bit heavy in the hand. Also trying to do a tiny bit of lateral work at walk. She kinda has it and kinda doesn't but it's probably more because of the rider than because of her.

I need eyes on the ground though - so many issues that I can see in the photos and video and need someone who will haul my sorry ass over the coals for them and beat me to within an inch of my life, or something like that anyway. We're both overweight and unfit so run out of puff quick too. You will see at one point in the video, if you get that far, that I have to stop and suck on my inhaler too, haha! The change of seasons plays havoc with my asthma but being unfit doesn't help either. Anyway, here's the video. Enjoy (and don't laugh too loud, ok!)


  1. oops, I was watching the vid and wondered what the heck was going on when you stopped. Thought you were getting out a phone! Pays to read the words first!
    Can you offer a video service to someone in exchange for a lesson maybe? Or photos even?

  2. I could try that although not really sure who to even ask!! I don't get out much and don't know that many people in the area. Will work on it... :o)