Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Meg goes to the River

Late last year I took Brennan in hand for a bit of a play in the water at the river down the road. He thought it was great and, now that Meg is back in work, I thought she might like an introduction to the river. I was right and we both had a blast! Nick came with us so I had my own personal photographer which meant that we were able to capture lots of the fun on camera. He took SO many photos, it was really hard to choose the best ones so I am afraid there are HEAPS of photos to wade through today. I would like to get her to the beach again too but not sure Nick is all that keen to go so far and I don't think we are quite ready to go somewhere like that totally on our own. I am just going to have to find someone to bribe to come along with us!!

Meg now has her very own facebook page so please feel free to join in the fun there too - I am sure she would love some new friends.

We both got a little wet...
Watch out Roscoe!
What's over thar?
Storming ahead
Meg always has a purpose
Meg is very interested in what is going on around her
Trot up the river bed
Coming out
Family moment
Where to next mum?
Soaking the feet
Nice facials (better to come)
Gettin' me feet wet
Posing again
Matching facials
I think I saved the best photo for last, hehe!


  1. That is one beautiful horse you got there but then her father was a cracker too if hes the one I'm thinking of