Monday, 15 November 2010

Hamish the Stuntporse!

Brennan has been stealing the limelight somewhat for a while now so it is about time Hamish has a blog entry dedicated to him so, here it is.

Today I caught fatboy, gave him a quick run over with the brush and popped a running plait in his mane and, with the help of Nick, we had a photo shoot. Hamish was not altogether excited about having the camera stuck in his face and being told to smile so we jazzed things up a bit with a quick 'rear on command' reminder session. I taught Hamish this wee trick years ago and it seems that he has not forgotten. We both had a blast. Hamish is a wickedly clever stallion and always, without fail, an absolute pleasure to deal with. I count my blessings every day for having such a wonderful horse in my life.

Hamish became a father again recently too. More details on his latest foals to follow in another blog.

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