Sunday, 3 October 2010

Me and My Boy

Well the fitness/weight loss kick has started and I have shed a couple of kg but it is going to be a long journey. Still, I have the very best motivation and that's my lovely Connemara stallion who is just an absolute joy!

Here are a selection of photos from today's ride. We're still getting to know each other and working out how we get 'forward' but, considering I have ridden him four times now since he got home a few weeks ago, I am bloody impressed with his attitude and way of going. He definitely is not a pony who needs riding every day and that suits me down to the ground. I still feel very big on him but hopefully as the weight comes off and he and I get to know each other, this will change.

Love my boy
Browband (look closely)
Just hopped off
Feet (mine) - you can see both, haha!
Not such a pretty backdrop
A thank you kiss
Cheeses all round
Getting forward now
So cute!
And, halt!

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