Tuesday, 13 July 2010

More trailer time

Today Meg had another session loading and unloading (rinse and repeat) and this time the video was charged so Nick kindly came out and captured a few minutes footage. I also brought Brennan in to introduce him to the joys of the horse trailer. His only previous experience with trailering came when he was loaded and travelled from the deep south up to us. I don't think that was the best experience either (he was completely exhausted when he arrived) so I was not sure how he would react when asked to load ... turns out my concerns were unwarranted and he reacted as if he had been doing it his whole life. I literally dragged him out of the paddock, whipped off his rug and threw him on! What a good boy! We'll work some more on technique and style later in the week (I kept getting myself tangled in the rope and he kept sniffing the floor of the trailer and threatening to clonk himself on the noggin - boys!). Oh and please excuse my inane wafflings - I forgot to dub out the sound when editing the video!



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