Thursday, 20 May 2010

Meg the school pony

The weather has turned, winter is upon us. I won't complain about the rain yet as we have really needed it and it is nice to see everything greening up but I do kinda wish the southerly had not come with it!

We have a young Scottish man staying with us at present and he has professed a desire to ride whilst he is here so yesterday Meg gave him his first riding lesson. Of course his natural position in the saddle is superb *sigh*.

Reilly arrived home on Sunday so I now have two horses to ride - I am very spoiled! I have given him a couple of days to settle in and hope to get on him in the weekend - I shall see if a photographer can be present. His saddle and bridle are still in Wellington so will have to pack out Meg's saddle or I might have to go bareback! He is grazing happily with Meg (who is in season) and has demonstrated that all his stallion hormones have departed and he is now well and truly a gelding.

Bella will be home from her lease shortly and I have a friend in Wellington who is interested in taking her to help keep her grass in check and possibly ride so, once she has had a few days to settle back here I will reintroduce her to saddle and bridle and see what she thinks - should be fun, it's only been something like nine years since she was last ridden, haha!

Meg on the lunge with Anson riding
Meg and Anson parked up in the shed
The wood for lining the stable is due to be delivered tomorrow - I might have a completed stable by the weekend!!!!!


  1. It's presisting down here too, but won't complain lol, tanks are overflowing. Is Anson a woofer/helpxer? We had 2 lovely lads stay with us, will definately have more stay later in the year.