Thursday, 11 February 2010

Welcome to Your New Home Brennan

Well, dear wee Brennan arrived at 5.45 this evening after 36 hours on the road. It's a loooong way from Invercargill to Bulls and then back down to Masterton for a 3 year old colt!

He's travelled pretty well but is understandably shell-shocked and quite dehydrated but he's tucked up in the yards with access to a stall and plenty of fresh water and hay and he's settling in nicely. I am so thrilled to have him here.

I took a few quick photos to share so, here they are:

Let the re-fuelling begin
Sweet face
Who is over there?
Looking quite tucked up
Hairy hoss
So, he is here, safe and sound and I am so very happy to have him - he's everything I had hoped he would be and more! And I just LOVE his colour! It's never been a focus of mine in breeding because, as far as I am concerned, a good horse is never a bad colour and there is enough to worry about matching a mare to a stallion without throwing colour requirements into the mix! But it's really neat to have a stallion with such striking colour and markings on top of the gorgeous temperament and lovely conformation of his breed. He sure ticks a lot of boxes. It will be so exciting to see what he sires. And so the adventure begins!

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  1. Hi Lou, what a superb colt! He is certainly very typey and a striking colour indeed. I think it will be great to see some more colour in the NZ connemara population, and who doesn't love bling! I can't wait to see his progeny, put me down on the list please :-)