Sunday, 14 February 2010


This is probably the last time I will call him that because I have already been sternly reprimanded by one (very scary) friend for giving a big studly stallion such a froo froo name. I couldn't help myself tho, he's just so cute!

Yesterday he gave me quite a fright when he had some sort of an episode after running around and getting a little hot. It was a warm wet day and he seemed to have an attack of prickly heat and was beside himself. I stayed with him for about half an hour and, as he cooled down, he seemed to come right and within an hour was completely normal again. It was very weird so I will be talking to my vet about it first thing tomorrow.

Just a couple of photos today. He's essentially quite a lazy pony and is grazing with an equally lazy old TB gelding so getting action shots is easier said than done!

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