Friday, 6 November 2009

Vale San Barbados

~1st January 1980 - 6 November 2009~

I have few words at this time, only grief at the passing of one of my oldest and dearest friends.

Bados, I will forever miss your startled expression, your soft whickerings, your gentle nudges and your extreme orangeness but you have left your hoof-print firmly embedded in my heart and I will never ever forget you, as long as I live. You were a great character, a one in a million mate and a total gentleman to the end. Love you Beedle bum, run free and, when you see him, be sure and give your wee mate Silas a good scratch on his wither from us.

Shiny boy
Dear old face

and nosey
but today it all just got too hard so I did what I had to and I took away your pain
and now you are free to again gallop across the country leaping those enormous fences just like you used to do. Until we meet again my beautiful boy, rest peacefully.


  1. Hope you & your family are okay Lou. You did such a brave thing today. RIP big beautiful boy.xxxx

  2. RIP the dear old orange horse - I bet he will leave a big hole in the paddock.


  3. Such a wonderful gift to give Louise. Freedom from pain and lots of love. Take care xxxx

  4. Never easy making those decisions. Thinking of you and yours, and knowing what you are going through. xxx