Sunday, 15 March 2009

Weddings and babies

Nick and I had a lovely, lovely day/night yesterday when we went to our friend Judy's wedding. I met Judy a number of years ago as we have a mutual love of horses and frequent the same cyber noticeboard on the NZHorses website. Judy bred her very lovely mare Cricket to Hamish a few seasons ago and Cricket foaled a beautiful grey colt. Tragically Oscar is no longer with us but I had a wee chat with Judy's mum yesterday and it sounds like she is very keen to repeat the breeding. I am thrilled. Judy looked absolutely radiant and surprised us all by wearing a princess wedding dress - I am not sure if I have ever seen Judy in anything other than jeans or jods!!!

Today's photos are a couple of my favourites from the wedding and a photo sent to me today by Juliet, who bred her lovely 'It's About Time' mare to Hamish last season. The foal (Legacy) is now 4 months old and a strapping handsome lad indeed.

Legacy aged 4 months
3 Little Pigs (our neighbours - included just coz)
Judy's carriage
Judy and Abe
The Beautiful Bride

Mmmm, flowers!

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