Sunday, 1 February 2009

Meg - Getting there slowly

Well it's show time in a couple of weeks and I have been doing my best to prepare Meg. She's getting brushed every day and a small feed with some supplements to hopefully get her blooming from the inside. Not sure if there is much difference. I suppose there is. The photos are awful because I would stand her up and then as soon as I moved away to take the photo, she tried to follow me! She is very settled in her paddock and really getting the hang of the routine.

Here she is today:



It has been a busy weekend with two more mares arriving for breeding to the boys. Tomorrow is going to be particularly hectic as both mares are due to be served. The first, a bay mare by a Zabeel colt (contracts arriving tomorrow so will know more detail) suffers from windsucking/infection problems since a difficult foaling a few years ago left her quite badly torn so she is to be 'unzipped', scanned and hopefully served tomorrow afternoon.

The second mare, a rangy grey by Light Spirits, has a lovely Ramirez foal at foot and, when teased today tried to attack Hamish so she will be sedated and we will try again tomorrow. She is definitely in season but very anti a stallion being anywhere near her baby, even with baby safely protected in the breeding yard. Finger's crossed tomorrow we will have success so both mares can go home.

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