Monday, 5 October 2009

Tough decisions

So here we are, approaching the anniversary of the death of our beautiful Debi and it seems we are now facing the loss of another of our precious equine companions. Bados' condition deteriorated over the weekend and my wonderful vet came and assessed him for me this afternoon and gave me the news that I knew, in my heart, was coming.

Unfortunately his condition, which is not all that uncommon in horses of such advanced years, is not treatable so it is really just a case of keeping an eye on him and making the call when enough is enough. I believe, in my heart, that the fact that we can choose for our beloved pets to meet a dignified end without pain and suffering is a wonderful gift but it really does not make it any easier!

The good news is that I have been assured that he is in no pain at all - the nerves that are pinched and the associated numbness are what is making it difficult for him to walk properly and it will slowly worsen (as the disc continues to calcify) until one day he lies down, and is unable to rise again. I therefore have to make the hardest of decisions for him BEFORE this happens. For now he is on a flat paddock with plenty of hay and anti inflammatory medication and I get to spoil and fuss over him for how ever long he has left.

He's just the most wonderful old soldier with the gentlest soul wrapped in a cast iron body that is finally beginning to fail him. The spark of life is still very bright in his eye which is why it seems so very cruel that his body should start to fail him like this. I only hope I can make the decision for him before it is too late and it is made for us both...

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