Wednesday, 28 October 2009

He has a name

Keryn has named her lovely boy 'Winiata' which is Wynyard in Maori. Wynyard has meaning because mum was bred at Wynyard Lodge stud as was his paternal great grandsire, Wynyard Agile. I have started calling him Ata (which means 'morning' in Maori). Lovely.

Was out with my camera this morning as the sun is back! I believe this will be a short lived reprieve from the hideous weather of late but it's so nice for him to have a day of sunshine. It's also a lot nicer for me when I am heaving the poo barrow about the place doing my chores!

Bella should be arriving around lunchtime and is due to foal shortly so we will be back on foal watch as of today - More exciting and sleep deprived times (but I would not have it any other way!).

Here are some photos from today.

Strike a pose
OMG eat him UP cute!
Shed time
Legs eleven
A kiss from Mum
Mum - Hooty the beauty
On the move

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