Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I LOVE the sun and ...

it has shone for two days in a row meaning I have also ridden for two days in a row - Yay! Yesterday Lagan and I went out with Bernie on Meg and had a stroll up the paper road - some lovely trotting and cantering spots and even a bit of cow chasing to be had. Today we went up our road (I rode Meg and Bernie rode Lages) to visit our neighbours Karen and John and encountered a chainsaw (which was a real non-event). Lagan has a good stride but he struggles to keep up with Meg's power walk - That girl can go! We're hoping to take Meg and Maxi to the beach tomorrow so finger's crossed for good weather and hopefully the race will have dried out enough to be able to bring the float out (it gets quite slippy in the wet!).

Today's photos are not very exciting but here they are anyway:

Aine and Bados (my precious 29yo boy)
Maxi gives good kisses
Long reining with Bernie
Maxi with the ever-present Jet
Lagan and Meg getting ready to head out

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