Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Megan and MacKenzie - Branding Day

Today was branding day in preparation for finally getting around to registering our two Clydesdale fillies with the Clydesdale Society. Nick had very cleverly made the brand some time ago but this is the first time we have actually got around to using it. Very pleased with the results but especially pleased with how well the two girls stood for the whole procedure. No harm done and they still love us, even after we had them scarred for life! Most impressed with freeze branding and definitely think it is the way to go!

Good girl Kenzie, standing quietly


# 7

The finished brand

Our Stud Brand


  1. Just found your blog!!! Cannot wait to read the whole thing. It is amazing the freeze branding goes so simply and painless, isn't it? I wish I knew someone here that could do them for me.

  2. So you just branded them on one side? I endlessly agonised over that with the vet and in the end did the babies in the TB protocol but back to front - number and year on the near side, brand on the off side. And agree cold branding is great they hardly notice at all.

  3. Wino - Yes, in the end we did not really NEED to brand both shoulders as the fillies were born different years so we could do the one shoulder with cipher and year brands that were different. The Clydesdale Horse Society don't seem to insist on NS and OS shoulder branding, although it is the most common branding regime from looking at the stud book.

    nccatnip - I really enjoy your blog, am about to add it to my blog list so others who read mine can enjoy yours too. Keep up the great work with those horses and your lovely farm! :o)