Saturday, 5 April 2008

Reilly gets out and about!

Today was a big day for Reilly as he had his first ridden outing. We just went down to the local pony club grounds and joined the Adult Riding Club during their XC practice.

We spent the first wee while with Reilly just drinking the atmosphere in. It was very low key but there was enough going on for his brain to be firing. After leading him around and letting him watch the horses jumping I took him back to the float and tacked him up. He stood beautifully. I used the float to mount and we wandered about taking it all in. He wanted to make friends with everyone but respected my wishes that he not approach or touch noses with any of the other horses. He was very respectful.

Of course I forgot his stallion tags so no-one knew he was entire but it didn't matter in the end as he was just so well behaved.


  1. Well done Reilly!

    He is stunning Lou - how tall is he?

  2. Thanks so much Jenny. He's a short arse! About 15.2HH I think although not officially measured yet. I have had to go back on WW so I don't end up squishing him!!!