Friday, 28 November 2008

Life goes on

Early this evening Silas was buried beside his mother on a small hilltop overlooking the valley below us. I like to look out there now and imagine them, side by side, admiring the view. Debi always was a great watcher of things, when she wasn't eating that is, and Silas always enjoyed stealing moments to stop and look across the paddocks when we took him for his walks.

Because we wish to take a financial and somewhat emotional break from breeding for a short while, I have arranged for my older girls to be leased out in foal. Hooty was bred a little over a fortnight ago, to Reilly, and today the vet scanned her and confirmed she is carrying a healthy 16 day foetus. We will scan again at 42 days to ensure she has retained the pregnancy.

Bella was served on Thursday and is running with Reilly. We had to take Grace, the outside mare, away as she was refusing to allow Reilly to serve Bella and we have thus named her 'The Puritan' (thanks Karen) as she is a maiden and point blank refused to be served when she cycled after arriving last week, even after meeting Mr Twitch and Ms Intravenous Sedative! Next time around I get to introduce her to Master Hobbles - that will learn her!!! Maude was cycling late this week and will be bred to Reilly on her next cycle.

Grace - 'The Puritan'

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