Saturday, 30 August 2008

Two expectant mums and my little grey stallion

Not really much to report today. Hamish's book is nearly filled with the addition of another mare on Friday. He was his usual amenable self when the mare owner came out to meet him and once again ensured that I was a very proud mum. Here are some pix taken today:

Debi is due in the first couple of weeks in October. As usual she is carrying a little lopsided. I took these pics of her standing at the gate waiting patiently for her hay this morning.

And finally we have Maude whose official due date is Monday (1st Sept) - She's getting closer, that's for sure! The jury's out as to whether she will be on time but she is usually not too far off. This is the fourth foal she will be having for us and Reilly's very first born! Very exciting. I am hoping for a colt because I really need to sell the foal and a filly would be far too tempting to keep!



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