Saturday, 2 August 2008

Trailer Loading Part III and a day to get rugs off at last!

So today has been relatively rain free which was a great excuse to get the covers off some of the horses (I piked and left half of them covered when a squall came through, even though I had planned on taking them off and leaving them off all day, regardless of showers - I am so soft sometimes!). Everyone who was lucky enough to go naked appeared most grateful and there was much rolling and scratching and mutual grooming. It is also nice to see that they are all carrying good condition (although perhaps a little TOO much condition, esp. in Straw's case!). Today's models are Strawberry (pony), Smoothie (grey TB) and Tiffin (bay) - three of our grazer's horses.

We also took the opportunity to give Kenzie another trailer loading lesson - this time with the ramp set to step up asking her to turn around in the float and stand on an angle. She took it all in her stride and is now pretty well ready to leave for her new home (possibly tomorrow!).

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