Friday, 22 August 2008

All dressed up yet nowhere to go!

Amy is a definitely a very spoiled little girl. Recently two of my internet friends have sent her riding clothes and tonight, I was bored, so I dressed her up. The jods came from a long-time internet friend Shiwon Green and the jacket is on loan from another long-time internet friend, Charlotte. The shirt under the jacket came from ANOTHER long-time internet friend (but one I have actually met and stayed with) Jacqui, whose daughter had outgrown a few pairs of jods and shirts (which Amy will grow into in time!). The chaps came from the Saddlery Warehouse a while ago and have matching gloves but do you think I can find them? Of course I can't. Anyway, now I am of course desperate to put Amy on a pony dressed like this and take her somewhere, just a shame the pony isn't broken in really, lol!

Next thing on the list is a saddle. Amy has a pony pad which was a very kind gift from Chris (a very, very long time and one of my closest internet friends) but soon I would like to get one of the Wintec pp's which seem to encourage a good position. It's all money though isn't it. Better be nice to Gramma and Grampa!

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