Saturday, 12 April 2008

A Day of firsts

This morning we had a great ride. Warm up was a quick walk/trot down the road and back. We met two trucks whilst out, one had very loud air brakes but he slowed right down for us so rather have him pass us, since we were close to home, we trotted on up the road and up the driveway. Then we had a wee canter up the race and into the 'jumping' paddock where we had our very first jump together. OK, so I use the term 'jump' very loosely - the 'jump' in question being around 20cm off the ground, haha! But we have to start somewhere and he is only three so it was really just to see what he thought about the whole thing. What did he think? HE LOVED IT of course!

Reilly just fills me with confidence - it seems crazy to say this about a three year old who has only been broken in a few weeks but his attitude and brain just astound me. He learns so fast and he is so keen to be ridden he races me up the fenceline when I go out to catch him every day.

Nick was kind enough to take some pix of us this morning and I have included a collection of them for the blog:

Canter up the race

Trot up the road

Our 1st jump

Our 2nd jump


Jump No. 3!

Another landing!

My pretty boy!

Thx Reilly!

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