Thursday, 25 January 2007

Reilly gets scrubbed up!

Today I decided to have a practise run plaiting Reilly up. I wasn't sure how much of a fidget bum he was going to be and figured it would be useful to know in advance how long it might take to get him ready. The good news is that he was brilliant, a star in fact and I give him an A+ for effort. The bad news is that I really cannot plait and unless someone who knows what they are doing is able to help me, I should probably save myself the embarrassment of being laughed out of the ring and excuse us from the turnout class!!

Above and below are the results of our quick photo session afterwards. He really is such a cute pony! I took 80 (yes that is EIGHTY) photos and in no less than 40 of them he had his eyes shut, LOL! We were beside ourselves trying to get him to pose for the camera as he was literally asleep on his feet. I think plaiting him up has some sort of hypnotic affect on him, bless his cottons.

1 comment:

  1. He is simply beautiful. It is not fair, how can one person have so many beautiful horses? Well done!