Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Some news and another late run ...

After every breeding season I swear I will not accept mares after mid December yet every breeding season I do! Lucy arrived on Saturday, Cricket arrives tomorrow and Missy should be arriving some time in the next short while as well. Ah well, at least the boys will be happy but Christmas is going to be busy!!

The most recent arrival was recently sent down to Masterton to her new owner supposedly after a positive 42 day scan - Turns out she is in fact not in foal and Jamie called me late last week to express interest in using Robbie. I was not planning on accepting any more mares for him now that he has sold (the 'news' part of this blog post) but, as he is currently alone and not due to leave us for some weeks, I decided it would be a shame not to help Jamie out.

Robbie and Lucy were introduced yesterday but Lucy was not all that interested (was PG'd on Wednesday last week!) but this morning I went out and caught her and she was served and when I went out to check them again this afternoon, Robbie served her whilst I was sitting in the paddock so, now she has proven she will stand happily in the paddock, there is no more hand serving required! Lucy is a nice type of TB mare with a sweet nature (I am still waiting for her breeding details) and has demonstrated a very lovely trot in the paddock and I am in no doubt that she will produce a very nice type of foal to Robbie.

Cricket came to visit Hamish a number of years ago and foaled a gorgeous grey colt foal named Oscar. Tragically Oscar died as a yearling so she is coming back to try again. She is a lovely little bay TB mare by Blazing Keel out of a Rustington mare. She should be back with us/Hamish tomorrow.

This morning Nick and I led Maude and Enya up the road to be closer to Hamish in preparation for Maude to be bred to him again. This will be her fourth foal by Hamish and I have a queue of people wanting the cross. It's just a shame that Maude is 21 years old but she is a strong healthy mare and I have no doubt still has at least a couple of foals left in her. They were great to take up the road. It is a 1km walk and we were passed by three cars - by the time the third car (the post van) went past, Enya was a pro with traffic. Last seen Hamish was performing some of his very best moves for Maude in the paddock adjacent and Maude was ignoring him completely!

Robbie calling to his girl
Happiness is ... a paddock full of munchies and a pretty girl
Lucy (breeding tba)
Robbie will be heading to his new home in Oamaru once his new owner has paid the balance of the purchase price and organised his transport. I will then need to get my A into G and transfer his insurance policy and ownership over to her. I am very happy that he is going to a nice home where he will get the chance to settle a few more mares but I am going to be devastated the day he leaves. He's been a wonderful horse to have around the place and has sired some truly lovely foals. Meg, who is already a very special girl, is going to be even more special now! I had hoped he might sell more locally so that I could use him again in the future but with him going so very far away, sadly this is never likely to happen. I can only wish his new owner the very best and hope that she enjoys having him around as much as we have.

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