Saturday, 17 February 2007

Masterton A&P Show - Reilly is my star pony!

Well today was crunch day. The day we have been preparing Reilly for for weeks. The day of the Masterton A&P Show. I'm just so happy with him I could cry! As the weather was officially vile yesterday I left plaiting and primping him until this morning and was out in the paddock at 9am in the drizzle getting him ready. I think he ended up with nearly 40 plaits - hahaha! I didn't plait his tail in the end because I tried twice and it looked awful so he ended up with it au naturale.

We loaded him on to the float and he travelled to the show like a seasoned professional, not a two year old baby horse who has never been off the property in his life, bless him!

Once at the show he unloaded nicely and we walked him around. He took it all in his stride. There was a lot going on and he was very interested in everything and did not know where to look first but he never put a foot wrong.

I had all but decided to pull out of the turn out because I was so ashamed of his plaits but we went ahead and entered the class only to come away with a shock third place! Seriously you could've knocked me over with a feather. The class was not small either so it wasn't even that we got third out of three, LOL!

Next class was the 2yo class and it was a big class, esp. by Masterton's standards! He was second and I was so proud of him. The first place getter was a lovely mare with four high whites and a blaze, I reckon they would make a really nice baby, hehehe! Pretty sure she was well placed at HOTY last year as well as winning at least one title at the NZ Grand National Show - well deserved too by the looks of her as she is stunning!

Reilly was called in for the Championship class but unfortunately had a bit of a whoopsie in his workout - I think he was a whisker from taking out Reserve but wow, just to have been called in was awesome!

Next class was three year old and under suitable for hacking and dressage. Another big class (11 entrants) and another ribbon, this time a third.

Last class for us was the four year old and under suitable for SJ/Eventing and Hunting but he was not placed in this class. I kind of expected that but think it is so funny as of course, he was bred to Event and SJ!
Whilst he was in the ring I had a lady come over and talk to me. She had been admiring him and had noticed his stallion tags and was looking for a TB stallion to put over her Arab mare - Reilly got himself a date 'n all! I guess it really does pay to get them out and about!

Once finished, I gave him a wee feed whilst we packed up and then he was loaded and we were on our way. He travelled home happily and had a lovely big roll when we put him back in his paddock - I watched him out the study window for the rest of the afternoon. He was a tired baby and just stood quietly swishing his tail. Pooped! I just know that Lark was watching Reilly from her spot the other side of the Rainbow Bridge and she is as proud of her son as we are. Reilly is a testament to her beauty and her wonderful spirit. We miss you Lark but we love your son.