Saturday, 27 June 2009

Reilly at Liberty

Photos of the muppet stallion playing the fool in his paddock this morning ...

Muppet take off 1
Muppet canters
Muppet into the sun
Muppet trots
Muppet trots (sun photo)
Muppet canters
Muppet handstand
Less muppety moment
Back to muppetness
Muppet sprint!
Muppet nose ground drag
Muppet has lift off!
Yeah, he's a dork! But I do luff him lots and lots.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Nick's latest sketch

A little while ago now my friend Paula in Auckland tragically lost her beloved 'one in a million' posh pony, Tarji. As many of us know, losing a best friend can have devastating effects and can render us completely useless to all around us whilst we do battle with the grieving process. Paula is no exception to this and I felt completely helpless knowing exactly what she was going through but being unable to help. I desperately wanted to do something to, in some small way, make her feel just the tiniest bit better so, I commissioned the other half to do a sketch! I contacted Paula's mum and arranged for a digital photo to be sent through and Nick went about and worked his magic off the photo provided and the end result can be seen below.

RIP beautiful 'posh pony', forever in the hearts of those whose joy it was to know you and in the minds of those who were never lucky enough to experience your beauty first hand.