Friday, 30 September 2011

Spring Horses

Just a few random photos taken today and yesterday. Maude and Hooty are available for breeding lease and can be bred to Brennan or Hamish this season. Hooty's foal by Brennan will be for sale - I am super excited about the cross!

Maude, 23 years old and looking a picture!
Paddy, 22 years old and feeling good!
Hooty, 19 years old and in foal to Brennan
Beautiful Hoots
Maude, not feeling her age
Maude and Snorkel who is now a yearling
Me and Norks
Please contact me via the blog, the website ( or email: if interested in our breeding leases or future foals.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Fun on the lunge

Yesterday I thought I would mix the in-hand work up a bit and threw caution to the wind and tried some xc lunging. Brennan thought it was great!!

Through the water complex
Snorkeling anyone?


Good pony
and banks

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Brennan goes to Pony Club

OK, so I didn't actually realise that pony club was on today! The local PC xc practice days were being run yesterday AND today and we had already decided that it would be a good idea to take him both days as the more public outings for him, the better, especially at this time of the year - he KNOWS that breeding season is just around the corner! But I was a little disconcerted when we arrived at the showgrounds today at 10am and found so many floats and horses and ponies - they really were everywhere! Nevertheless, it was a very good experience for a young stallion and a great learning opportunity.

Today we had 'Shouty Brennan' - He was very vocal and spent quite a lot of time in the yards and around the yard area turning in tight circles (every time he yelled, he had to turn until he shut up. Rinse, repeat). Aside from the odd yelling session however, he was a good boy and had a lovely hack around the course proper (we were in the kindy paddock yesterday). The water proved a challenge for another day. We got our toes in but didn't push the envelope - My homework is to get him jumping in and out of the water feature we have here at home (aka the 'dam' or the 'pond'). Hopefully the frogs will forgive me!

Today Brennan got to try out a gallop. He thought that was actually very hard work, thanks very much - I think he would generally like to saunter through life but he CAN gallop and he did.

Once done it was back to the yards to be untacked and back on the float and home. I am looking forward to introducing him to water and ditches during the week - watch this space :)