Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The BIG snow of August 2011

This past few days the weather has been absolutely awful! Snow is really pretty stuff and, especially for seven-year-olds, very exciting but it makes a HELL of a mess and now, as it begins to thaw and we experience days of sleet and rain, my paddocks look completely trashed! I have quite a few paddocks that are horse free fortunately but I also have quite a few horses running through the hay paddocks right now - I just hope the damage is not so great that the hay crop suffers.

The horses have all coped remarkably well, although I have been feeding out double rations of hay to ensure that everyone has full tummies. Nick and I took masses of photos but here are a selection of my favourites. For my overseas readers, this sort of snowfall is pretty much unheard of here. It's a once in a lifetime event!

Our wee cottage nestled in the snow
The tackshed/hayshed/stable block
The view of our back paddocks and behind
The view over to the mountains
Amy and I
Me and Brennan
The obligatory snowball fight
Nick and Amy
The bubble car disappearing under snow
Driving down our road after feeding out
At Brian and Carol's
Hamish doing a chipmunk impression
Bados' paddock
Snowy house
Peek-a-boo Rusty
Ata, Enya and Meg in a blizzard
Amy waiting for the school bus
Our letter box
Here comes the school bus - school was cancelled!
Snowy branches