Saturday, 20 October 2007

Breeding season off with a bang!

This season is shaping up to be a pretty busy one. The article in H&P and subsequent advertising seem to have worked as we have been fielding enquiries from all over the show! The first mare of the season, a very pretty and leggy young TB mare arrived a month ago and is being collected by her owner today, hopefully in foal! Unfortunately she was a very shy breeder and the attempts at hand serving that we made were abandoned as much for her safety as for our own (and Robbie's). A lovely kind mare but she just could not cope with the idea of being mounted. We cross our fingers that Robbie had some success with her under the cover of darkness ...

Mare number two arrived yesterday, a gorgeous mare by Uraeus out of an Anglo Arab mare. Her last foal, by Lansing, is being considered a potential sire. I LOVE mares like this girl. Not only is she pretty and sweet tempered but she promptly came into season upon arrival and was served (by Hamish) within about 45 seconds of being introduced. I wish they were all like Isis!

Robbie has two more confirmed/paid bookings at this stage, Glencaron Lady Blossom and Glencaron Lady Kathleen are both purebred Clydesdale mares by Craigs Sir Keith. The older mare (Kathleen) has had a couple of foals, one by Glendevon Commander and the other by Armageddon Lord Samson. Blossom is a maiden.

Hamish is awaiting lady number two, whose arrival has been delayed by a hoof abscess. Petra is by 'Its About Time' out of a clydesdale cross mare. She has had one foal by a Morgan stallion.

There are a few other mares waiting in the wings and we have some local people coming out to meet Hamish tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to close the books soon. If all the people who have said that they are keen, confirm, the boys will have a good season and we will have some lovely progeny to look forward to next season.

Hector - Robbie's son, now a yearling

Had a lovely email from Mike with the attached photos of Hector. Mike is more than happy with this 'wee' chap and I have to say we are very pleased with how he is shaping up too - I am almost tempted to find me a nice TB mare to put him over myself! Oh for the time, space and money!