Tuesday, 25 February 2014

TF Life O'Reilly in the winner's circle

This weekend Kim and our gorgeous boy Reilly competed at the Battle Hill PC One Day Event. The last time they ran over this course (in the Spring) they were placed second, this time they led from start to finish to come home with the red rosette! Reilly certainly loves his job and he's so lucky to have a rider like Kim to bring out the very best in him. They're just going from strength to strength and it doesn't matter if it is dressage, show jumping, show hunter or eventing, he's the consummate professional at his job. I am super proud of them both! This weekend is the Solway PC One Day Event so I get to play breeder, owner, 'other mother' and cheer squad. I cannot wait!


Nick and I have been busy. I have purchased some jump stands from a friend and 25 peeler core poles from a local timber mill and have spent the last few days painting them in preparation for stage 1 of Project 'Teach the Clompety to Jump'. I am a nervous wreck when it comes to jumping and, trust me, these jumps are absolutely MASSIVE as far as I am concerned but we've had a crack and Meg tried her darling heart out - she's always so keen to please. As you will see, she's just bowling along over everything whilst I flap my arms and legs and flop around like something out of  a Thelwell cartoon crossed with a fish!!


Do the funky chicken!

 All done - And we both survived!