Saturday, 27 September 2008

The garden contd.

So the garden is coming on. The fencing is pretty much up and all but the herb beds are in. We will do the tomatoes in grow bags (we have used old horse feed bags and filled them with composts from the local tip). I have $40 worth of gift vouchers from Kings Seeds thanks to our lovely friends and neighbours Karen and John plus various packets of seeds that Nick's father bought us when he was buying his own. Of course this means we have or will have more seeds than we have garden beds for so we are now discussing where to put more garden beds! Very exciting to think that in a few short weeks we will start enjoying veges from our own garden - all going to plan that is!!!

Garden 1
Garden 2
Watering the garden
Planting some seed potatoes

Friday, 26 September 2008

What a smarty pants!

I was mucking out Reilly's paddock this morning and something obviously caught Aine and Maude's attention - perhaps it was me? Maybe it was the boogey man? Who knows but they thought it was a bit exciting for a moment!

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Did someone say fertiliser?

At last the wind died down enough for us to put fertiliser down. Here is Nick the 'farmer' putting some down. It's the most gloriously gorgeous day here in the wonderful Wairarapa.
Clearing a blockage
Goin' up!
Goin' down
Check out that view!

TF Aine - Super Model

Every morning when I muck out I make the mistake of taking my camera with me. This inevitably means that mucking out takes twice as long as I spend so long sitting and watching Aine with my camera. Anyway, here are some pix from this morning. Man she is something - I can't wait to get some decent video of her. Usually all the best bits I miss because I have my back turned and just turn around in time to see the acrobatic leaps but I really love taking photos of her - I cannot imagine finding the time to do anything once we have all the foals on the ground!!

'ere she comes Thar she goes!
Wif mum

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Foals, such delightful creatures ...

Today Aine had a very dirty botty (nor surprising when you see what she has been eating!) so she came in for a little halter training and a bum clean. Amy wielded my camera and took some of the following photos and I have to say, I am pretty impressed with them, esp. for a 4 1/2 year old! Aine was great, only one little oopsy moment when we took them out of the yards and she showed her displeasure at being restrained (wonderful moment captured by Amy).

Please watch the video as it really demonstrates how delightful foals can be (hehehe!).

Being a good girl in the yards (Amy pic) Playing with the tootsies (Amy pic)
See my clean bum (Amy pic)
A pair of hoons!
Whoops!!! (Amy pic)

And Aine being ... delightful!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

1 week old Aine video

She seems to be getting a hang of her legs - she likes to go faaasssssst too!

Random Stuff

If you take the time to watch the video of the donk and her pony friends, please excuse Nick's Werewolf impression towards the end. I forgot to edit out the sound when I was editing the video. The clips were taken through the kitchen window (which needs a clean) the other evening. Portia is quite the antagonist - a very wicked donkey but such a personality that you cannot help but adore her. There are also some random photos of TF Aine and her mum, one of Reilly and one of my rather moth-eaten looking Laughtons Legend mare, Hooty (Wynyard Night Owl) who is due to foal in a little over two weeks. She's in foal to Coalmans Touch RID and I am very excited to be expecting a 3/4 bred Irish foal! Please forgive her awful mid moult coat. I must spend a bit more time out in the paddock with my brushes but there always seems to be something more urgent to do!

OK, have been out again so just added some pix of Rob too!

Poser trot
Robbie runnin'
Amy runs to Robbie
Aine & Maude Getting the hang of fasssssssst!
Hoot'n ay! Portia, Maxi and Straw a' gallavantin'