Friday, 15 April 2011

Meg and I have a lesson

It's been a few years since my last riding lesson. I would dearly love to have been having them regularly for ever but for a variety of reasons (financial being the main), I haven't managed it. This year I am hoping all this will change. My first lesson with Becky was awesome. We went away with loads of homework but a real feeling that we can do this. Becky had a bit of a play with Meg once I had finished and it was both fantastic and kinda depressing watching someone who can ride, ride my girl. Still, a picture like the one that Becky and Meg produced gives me something to really aim for!

prepare for canter ...
and this is what Meg does ...
when I kick poor Meg in the ribs!
And now a 'real' rider on ma pony!


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

TF Finn

On Sunday at the dressage I caught up with a foal that I bred who is now all grown up and under saddle. It was lovely to see him looking so well and so loved. Finn was the foal in this photo that won me the NZ Horse & Pony foal photo competition some years back:

Another shot of baby Finn
And, here he is now:

All grown up!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Big E

Today was one of those days where official results were not reflective of achievement. Brennan was a little super star today and I am proud as punch of him. His attitude was fantastic, especially when he was being ridden. He stood quietly in his yard 95% of the time just munching hay and the other 5% he had the odd sing out and paw of the ground. The calling was mainly in reply to others calling. He was surrounded by mares too!

He was midfield in the first test and there were a few little green 'moments' but he equipped himself wonderfully and did himself proud. The second test had an unfortunate exit at A so he was eliminated (he also got caught in the CHAIN arena) BUT he went on to finish the test getting both his canters and certainly not disgracing himself. Lots to work on for next time so, BRING IT ON!!

Cute pony