Friday, 26 December 2008


Hamish got lucky for Christmas as Minty (Naazarene) came into season. So, they were introduced and, it was love at first sight and now Minty is following Hamish around the paddock, completely besotted. I had to take 'Girl' out as she was refusing to let Hamish anywhere near Minty - what is it with these pain in the a$$ maiden mares this year?! But, once she was out of the equation, everything went swimmingly.

Minty and her boy
Follow the leader
Pretty Minty
Pas de deux
I WISH this was in focus!

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

We're getting Chrismassy

We dashed into the $2 shop yesterday to avail ourselves of a couple of new sets of reindeer antlers and what better way to test them out than try them on a couple of the 'kids'. Robbie and Rory are today's antler models (oh, and Amy too, of course!).

Step aside Rudolph!
It's Rory
the red-antlered reindeer!
What are ya doin' mum?!
Ho ho ho little girl
Mmmm smells good
Can I eat it!
Pair of posers

And a brief video ...

Monday, 22 December 2008

OK, call me chicken!

Look what Santa brought me early for Christmas! Seven dear wee speckled chicks. We have at least two more hens sitting on clutches - one clutch is a bit of a communal one with at least three hens sharing 'sitting duties' - too cute! These little guys are now safely ensconced in the A-frame chicken house, having hatched in long grass NEXT to the house (of course).

Our chickens are basically free range. We do have a run for them and, from time to time they are locked up in it so we can collect their eggs but this year I have just let them pick about completely by themselves, supplementing them with kitchen scraps and I am going to be rewarded with more chicks than I know what to do with. Luckily for us our friends up the road have offered to take them off our hands and raise them for us. They'll come back eventually - smoked! *insert open mouth wide-eyed smiley here*!

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Gone to the dogs (and cats) and Rory

I must admit that this year I have struggled to find my Christmas spirit. It's been quite a hard year emotionally having lost a dear little cat and three beloved horses, including two very special homebreds, in very difficult and trying circumstances but Christmas is a time for celebrating everything that we have to be grateful for and, as we have much to give thanks for, it's time to forget the bad things and celebrate the good. I decided it was also time that some of the animals got in on the act too so today Roscoe, Kruger and Omar would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas!

Roscoe Kruger
Omar & Roscoe
and just because he is so cute, I popped out and took some pix of Rory. I took some Christmas spirit out to him and he was happy to don the antlers but he then managed to shake them off and tread on them and snap one - bad Rory! This little colt really is the apple of my eye right now. Sure, he aint the bay filly I ordered but, he's one right out of the box regardless and is going to make a very, very smart heavyweight hunter in a few years!

Rory walking
Rory standing
Head shot 1
Head shot 2
Bad Rory 1
Bad Rory 2
Bree got the day off yesterday as I had some hideous 24 hour bug that saw me with my head down the loo and a fever. No fun. I'm feeling heaps better today so will wait for the weather to settle a bit and go and get her in for a quick ride. I had a friend look at her with a view to leasing her on Friday but she was too forward for her so, it is back to the drawing board. I have another friend interested in her and she will come and see her on Christmas Eve.

Hamish has his very first pony mare arriving on Tuesday. She's got bloodlines that I just adore, being by Windermere Remember Me (Cusop Display/Desert Wings mare) out of an Arab mare Zannarah Naavana (Naaddel/Silver Sparkle mare). She is not a maiden which is a huge relief as the maiden mares we have had this season have been, without exception, complete trolls to serve/try to serve! The only maiden we have served who gave us no trouble was Rory's mum (her first foal, Rory, is the result of AI breeding). It makes you appreciate your own mares even more when the alternatives seem to want to make like so difficult!