Thursday, 24 March 2011

Jess and Brennan

Yesterday Brennan had a young lady come out to meet him and have a ride. The weather was awful but did not deter rider or pony which was a very good start! I am hoping that Jess will be the rider to introduce Brennan to the big wide world of competitive riding as I really would like him to get out and have some exposure - Nothing really advertises a stallion more than performance and whilst I am unlikely to be in a position financially to have him well campaigned, something is definitely better than nothing! I would like him to do some dressage over the winter and more dressage plus some show hunter and possibly even a couple of baby ODE's next season - I am also hoping Jess will have lessons and do some clinics on him if we can find appropriate opportunities. I can't do this with him myself so have been quietly looking for a young rider to take on the job and I think my search might be over. Still need to work through the nitty gritty (like a saddle that fits them both, argh!) but the first ride went well and I think Jess and Brennan liked each other. I took a few photos and in some you can see just how awful the weather was!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Pony Camp

This weekend, after Horse of the Year, I had two good friends come and stay a couple of nights. What better thing to do on a warm autumn day than ride a Megalumpty and a Man pony so, that's just what we did!

Brennan and Annika go zoom zoom!
Chris and Meg

Annika and Meg go zoom zoom!
What goes up must come down
Must ... not ... touch ... horse eating pole!

Kyoooot man pony
Kisses for me
Amy has some helmet slippage

Frightening image of me jumping in dressage saddle - BADLY!