Wednesday, 1 April 2009

From the ZOMGWTF files

This morning Libby had a hoof trim and was taken to her new paddock. What I forgot when popping her in there was that Portia lives in a paddock diagonally across from where Libby was going. Oh dear! We have major ZOMGWTF DONKEY!!! alert going on here, *chuckle*.

It's just there, I can see it!
It's going to eat me!!!
I can still see it!!!
Someone please, take it away!
Darn it, can still see it!

Monday, 30 March 2009

She's here!

At about 5.45pm this evening Libby (Glencree Liberty High) was delivered by Steve (Woodville Horse Floats - These guys are just THE BEST!). She's so cute! And a little tubby but, did I mention, SO CUTE! She and Hamish are just going to make THE most beautiful music together. I can't wait until Spring but it seems such a looooooong way away! So far so good, she walked nicely off the truck and up the driveway (looking at the chickens but more interested in the grass) and went nicely into the yards and straight to her haynet. After a bit of a munch and a scratch I shoved a wormer down her throat (she was good) and then took a few photos of her. Tomorrow she gets the full beauty treatment (bath and a pedicure) and I will get to know her a little better.