Monday, 23 September 2013

Eventing Wairarapa Spring Horse Trial 2013

Phew! 13 hours shooting and around the same amount of time post processing and another Spring Horse Trial is done and dusted! This year Talisman Farm sponsored a 'Best Mare' prize which went to Monica Oakley whose stunning mare Saltadore came 2nd in the 1* class and won her owner a service to Crossiebeg Brennan - We're now negotiating breeding options. Lucky Brennan!

This year I tag teamed with my good friend Pip and we shared the gargantuan task of photographing all classes at the Horse Trials. I think we did a pretty damned awesome job of getting photos of everyone and would be surprised if there are any competitors who were there who were not captured by one of us in at least 1 and most likely all 3 disciplines. If you want to check out the photos, the albums are all HERE.