Thursday, 7 May 2009

My very first Hamish foal all grown up!

Today I had the immense pleasure of visiting my first homebred Hamish baby and his doting mum, Kim. Kim bought Malteser off me when he was a gangly rising two year old and broke him in herself. She has done a superb job and he has grown in to a really super little horse. He's only been back in work for two weeks after a bit of a break but you would never know. He even showed off some of his excellent lengthened strides and a bit of lateral work while we were there. What is very clear to see is that he adores Kim and the feeling is very definitely mutual. They make a really great team! He's such a character and loves to put things in his mouth (cover straps, his bridle, clothing, his own leg - you name it, it's fair game) and you can see he has a very mischievous twinkle in his eye. Adorable!

I am hoping to pop back over again in a few weeks once he is jumping again so I can take some more photos of them showing off over fences - I can't wait! I did of course take some photos today so here are a selection for sharing.

Tied up


Bit of lengthening
Lengthening on the other rein

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Meg's first ride at home

Hells teeth what an awful day weather wise it is! I was going to sneak a ride in this morning but the heavens opened and so I retreated back inside to the warmth for a few hours until there was another clear break around lunch time when I dashed out again with Nick and camera in tow and whipped clompety out of her paddock (and her nice warm rug) and took her for a ride. She is hysterical - SO bloody keen to just get on and go. Quite a different horse to Reilly who would stand and sleep if I let him but not our Meg she's all business thanks! I cannot wait to blast around a XC course on her in a few years - she is going to LOVE it!

We went down to the far end of the property and had a wee potter around in the back paddock. Didn't do too much as it is quite slippery but she was great. Nick even got on for a quick ride (sans helmet, we did have words about that) and she was very good although Nick did admit that he was not sure who had all the control and suspected possibly it was not him, haha!

Here are a few photos from today:

A man and his horse
More walking

A bit of trot
Canter, Meg's favourite!
Walking down the hill
Good girl Meg

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Bursting with excitement here! I have been dying for the day I could make this blog entry and it has finally come - I rode Meg this morning and she's faaabulous! Gavin does such a bl**dy wonderful job with them, I just cannot rate him highly enough. She's soft, active and attentive and she is desperate to please. I had the BEST first ride, even if I did bounce around on her poor wee back a bit. I am very excited about her and cannot wait to get her out and about. She's just a baby still so nothing competitive (ridden) for now but see no reason why she can't attend a few ARC days and visit the local dressage days for a looksee.

Nick took LOADS of photos - he was under strict instructions after the last time I asked him to take pix when we collected Reilly and there was like one of my a*se climbing into the saddle and one of me walking doing something very odd and that was about it - NO canter pix (the moment of which I was most proud) for the memory box! So, here are a few of the Megastar:

And nearly as exciting as riding Meg was seeing TF Rafferty have his first ever ride. I could only really watch out of the corner of my eye as was riding Meg at the time but he looked to be going fantastically well and Craig was certainly happy with him when we spoke afterwards. I took a couple of photos of him for his owner (and myself), just a shame I missed the opportunity for ridden photos but seeing him under saddle and going so kindly was more than I could have hoped for anyway!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Smooth Runnings

The sun decided to shine this morning and it was 3rd time lucky (or possibly unlucky for Rory) as the booking for the vet stuck.

First we branded the two babies who are now sporting a very smart set of Irish brands and then it was time to geld Rory. There was no need for sedation for branding so Rory was taken from the yards and given the first shot of sedative and then lead over to the spot where he was to drop and loaded up with the next dose to drop him. He talked quite a lot whilst the anesthetic was kicking in but once he was down, he was out! Gelding went well and he was down for a good length of time afterward - we were busy castrating the bull calf and he was kind enough to give us a wee warning that he was waking up but shouting quite loudly at us. All in all a successful, if a little stressful (I am not fond of gelding day, esp. after having a gelding op go awry a few years back) day.

Nick took photos and here are a small selection:

Dopey baby

Down he goes
Clamping (or is it the Clampetts?)
We also castrated our bull calf today and Rosco got himself a ...

Tasty Snack!