Wednesday, 30 January 2008

TF Megan (Meg) & Kingcroft Tickled Pink (Twinkle)

Meg is now a yearling and Twinkle a two year old. They are the best of friends as photo number two probably shows.
Bottom photo shows Maude, now aged 19, and in foal to Reilly (due September). She's looking pretty good I think.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

TF MacKenzie - 14 Weeks

This little girl is growing up FAST! We're very proud of her, she is definitely another one out of the box! We have had just enough rain this summer to keep things ticking along and although most of the horses are grazing standing hay, summer is being kind and everyone is doing well. Deb is only on one feed a day which is much better than the three feeds and hay she was getting this time last year when we were in the grip of a drought.
Here are some photos I took when I was out doing my horsey chores this morning.