Saturday, 27 January 2007

On foal watch again (Maude)

Finally Maude is starting to look close so the alarm is on and she is parked in the front paddock by the bedroom. Knowing the horses this year, she will hang on for another fortnight but as she was at 342 days on Jan 20th, I REALLY hope not!!!

And I included this pic of Finn, just coz it's cute!

Friday, 26 January 2007

Reilly goes for a Tiki tour

Well today we loaded him up and shut the ramp and off we went. Aside from managing to get his head under the chest bar, he was brilliant. That was my fault for not tying him up tight enough (wanted to make sure he had enough length on the rope to step back into the bar without it pulling tight). We stopped on the road, put the ramp down, opened the bar, stepped him back and re-tied him up tighter, all without incident. Gee he's good!! No photos today.

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Reilly gets scrubbed up!

Today I decided to have a practise run plaiting Reilly up. I wasn't sure how much of a fidget bum he was going to be and figured it would be useful to know in advance how long it might take to get him ready. The good news is that he was brilliant, a star in fact and I give him an A+ for effort. The bad news is that I really cannot plait and unless someone who knows what they are doing is able to help me, I should probably save myself the embarrassment of being laughed out of the ring and excuse us from the turnout class!!

Above and below are the results of our quick photo session afterwards. He really is such a cute pony! I took 80 (yes that is EIGHTY) photos and in no less than 40 of them he had his eyes shut, LOL! We were beside ourselves trying to get him to pose for the camera as he was literally asleep on his feet. I think plaiting him up has some sort of hypnotic affect on him, bless his cottons.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Foal photos (taken January the 20th)

Just a selection of photos taken a couple of days ago of the babies. Still no action from Maude *sigh*. Today it was another scorcher so Amy and I went down to the river for a lovely swim - It was SO refreshing!!

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Reilly's new bridle

Reilly's new bridle arrived in today's post so this evening I whipped out and tried it on for size. Bless him he just stood in the paddock whilst I faffed around adjusting it and plaiting his forelock (for effect) and then when I got the camera out he tried his hardest to fall asleep!!! It will do nicely I think. I am getting quite excited about the show now, Reilly's continuing super behaviour helps.

Monday, 22 January 2007

Today was foal hoof trimming day

Today Finn had his first hoof trim and Meg had her third. Both were a little fidgety with their front feet but excellent with their backs and pretty damned good all round. Took a wee pic of Meg having her off hind rasped - she is such a poser!

Sunday, 21 January 2007

I went Welsh Pony showing!

A few weeks ago I offered to help a friend show her mare and foal at a local Welsh show. Today was the day. What fun we had!!!! Above are a selection of photos that Nick took. The Mare (Korroway Silk and Silver) won Reserve Champ for her section and her foal, Woodrow Tempest, won her class. Welsh ponies are just too damned cute! I think next year I might just have to take Maxi down to the show - He'll have a ball showing off!!

All the photos Nick took can be seen HERE.