Sunday, 17 July 2016

Tempi Today

Here are some quick pix of a rather furry Tempi (TF Temperance Brennan) taken today. Tempi is off to be started under saddle next week and will be the second of Brennan's foals bred by me to be ridden. Very exciting! She will also be for sale as I cannot keep them all and I would LOVE to see her in a competitive home with a talented rider - I really rate her and am sure that she's destined for stardom in the jumping paddock. Her dam, Rei Huia Bernadette, has just returned to being a riding horse and has been hunting spectacularly this season. I hear that Bernie will be back in the Show Hunter ring this coming season so keep an eye out because, as a young horse in her one season out competing before she was sent to the broodmare paddock, she was showing incredible talent and technique and was virtually unbeaten up to 1.10m.

Tempi is currently approximately 145cm meaning she should measure a pony for, at the very least, her first season or two under saddle and may very well finish a full height pony. If she does keep growing however, she is still going to make some lucky smaller rider, a cracking small hack! 

Tempi has a great brain and a sensible attitude with just enough attitude and spunk thrown in to tell me she's going to be a fierce competitive mount. I'm REALLY excited about this one!!