Sunday, 22 August 2010

Brennan's gone to school!

Today we made the journey down to Martinborough to take Brennan to Gavin Morison's for 'breaking in'. He loaded quietly and happily into the float and travelled like a dream. When we got there, there was another horse leaving and a truck and a few people around but he wasn't phased and unloaded quietly. I popped him in the big round pen to start and let him soak up some of the atmosphere. I half expected him to have a bit of a trot around and a shout but he was very chilled. He had a 'chat' to a couple of horses in the next paddock and a bit of a look about and that was it. We popped his rug back on and left him to chill out whilst Gavin sorted out paddocking arrangements. I miss him already but he's in great hands and he is going to LOVE having something to do and I really cannot wait to see him under saddle.