Saturday, 17 January 2009

SW Sale

Today Amy, Karen and I went to Palmerston North. A girlie road trip! And what trip to Palmerston North is complete without a visit to 'The Saddlery Warehouse', especially when they have a sale on?! The sale was a pretty good one, 20% of everything not already discounted and 10% of veterinary supplies. I needed a few bits and bobs for my medicine kit and Amy needed a new helmet so I was able to cross those items off the list. She has already outgrown two helmets so this time I got her one that is adjustable and will grow with her head and with 20% off, I was happy.

There were no winter rugs in stock and I have to say that the saddle selection was very paultry which was really disappointing as I was interested in looking at a small synthetic for Amy. But when I asked what they had in the way of kiddies saddles, it seems that they don't make the status range in children's sizes and just have the 'starter pack' which is, I am fairly certain, made in India and total cr@p! Ah well.

Amy chose a cute purple padded halter and pink leadrope and a matching hot pink brush as gifts for Maxi and today's photos show some of the new items being 'modelled'. Amy also had her very first walks off the lead. OK, I was RIGHT in front of the pony and only dropped the rope for a dozen or so strides but was very proud of both daughter and pony for doing so well :)

Best mates
Walking with purpose
Listening to mum
Walking all by herself! (and with a death grip!)
Walking by herself - such a good pony!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Robbie the Rotund

Rob got a new paddock today - well an old paddock really, an area that we cut a few bales off but there is a lot of standing hay around the outside. I took the camera out with me and took the opportunity to take some photos. He's quite, er, well covered at present but he needed moving and there can't be too much goodness in the standing hay .. can there??

The good news is that he should be under saddle soon and then the hard work will begin! He's such a lovely, kind boy - always so quiet and gentle. We're really very lucky to own such a gorgeous animal.

What's so funny boys?
My two boys
Pair of posers
Sharing a story perhaps?
In other news, Bella left for her new lease home today. She has not gone too far and is carrying a very special baby for her lease owner, Sarah. I am sure she is in great hands. We're going to be down on numbers this winter but it might be nice to have things a little bit easier for a while.

Bados is a little the worse for wear after sustaining a kick injury this week. I put him on antibiotics and bute today after his knee swelled to near football size overnight - bugger it! The good news however is that he is completely sound on it, at walk at least. Rory had a bit of a sulk when we took his new best friend out and spent the first 10 minutes calling for him at the gate. The lure of the milk bar however became too strong and he soon forgot about his worries. Silly foal.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Oh bu**er!

As a birthday treat I was going to disappear off for an hour or so on Bados for a nice quiet road ride. Unfortunately Bados had other ideas as he had been kicked sometime between this morning and yesterday night when last checked. I had popped him and Bree back in with the main mob yesterday afternoon and the silly old coot still tries to be boss of all he surveys and must've come a cropper. He'll be ok, just a bit of a cut and a swollen knee but, no ride for me.

He's now grazing with Hooty and Rory as they are nice and close to the house and on a relatively flat paddock. He's not lame but I am sure it must hurt. Rory thinks it is absolutely wonderful to have a new friend and spent the entire first 30 minutes sniffing him and following him - B will soon get sick of that and (hopefully) start telling him off. Rory needs telling off - he's a wicked colt!!

Rory's new friend

Just coz he can Well 'Hi' thereCute!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Robbie's reintroduction to the horse trailer

As it has been a few years since we have had Robbie on a trailer, I thought it might be a good idea to reintroduce him. He's not forgotten his lessons, he's such a good boy. Gave him a quick bath too but he has some mean dreadlocks in his tail. Even after lopping 50cm off, it's going to take some time to sort out!

Robbie, oh Robbie What ya doin' Robbie?
Yeah, come here Rob Ready for his bath
Action man

Monday, 12 January 2009

The cutest little pony in the world contd.

As the weather cleared up this afternoon and Amy has been pestering me about going for a ride, we got Maxi in and the two firm friends spent some quality time together ... Maxi, you rock!

Leading Maxi in Picking out hooves
Best mates
Walking with Dad
Focus and concentration
Strike a pose
What a cute pair
That's one happy little girl
Trying to work it all out - a lot to think about!

Aine and Rory update

The 'kids' are growing up. With Maude running with Reilly, Rory and Aine are currently separated but can still see each other. They actually seem completely happy and settled but I do miss watching them play together. Weaning is quite soon now so it will be time to reintroduce them and run them in a small herd with their nanny gelding/s. Both foals are very different types, which is not very surprising considering their parents but I really could not be more thrilled with them.

Rory is very much the 'chunky' monkey while Aine is very long-legged and elegant. I took the camera out for some update shots this afternoon so, here they are:

Rory cantering down the paddock
Rory totting down the fenceline
Bug eyes
Running through the long grass
Cute face
Lengthening a little

Family shot
Aine down the fenceline
Aine walking
Aine cantering
Aine's sweet face Look at me, aren't I purdy

The cutest little pony in the world

For the last three years we have had the pleasure of little Maxi (Aranui Saracen) running around in our paddocks. He's an absolute delight and Amy's best friend. I went out to shift the break fence in their paddock this morning with my camera. Unfortunately it started to rain so I did not get the chance to get any really good photos but here are a selection. Maxi is a 4 year old Section A Welsh pony and is absolutely stunning to watch when he gets going - We adore him and we're very grateful to the van Tuyl's in Woodville for letting him come and live with us.

Maxi mid chew

Takin' a trot about
Canterin' s'more