Monday, 9 March 2009

An attack of the 'ho hums'

Last week I had a small crisis of confidence. Not really sure what set it off, probably just the fact that I feel like such a flump in the saddle. Anyway, I am over the worst of thehump and have had three lovely rides on my boy since receiving a cyber kick up the backside from friends (and strangers). Just taking it slowly and trying not to push myself - what's the rush anyway?

Reilly has been so good, trundling around the farm, mooching around the paddocks, checking out the fencing gear and the tractor, talking to the donkey and pony and generally being the chilled out, cruisy dude he is. Bless his heart, I am damned lucky to have him! Now I REALLY have to pull finger and get some regular lessons. I might have to talk to Lisa about that and my friend Karen. The only real answer to sorting this out properly is mileage and eyes on the ground. The mileage I can manage myself - just need to push myself a little but the eyes on the ground need sorting. I may not be able to afford regular lessons but there are ways around this, I am sure! I am also going to try and get more involved with the local ARC - hopefully they won't mind me riding a stallion at their group days but I guess, as long as he is a good boy, it shouldn't be a problem. All this and I need to grow some balls.

Speaking of 'balls'. I was talking to Karen Teague, the owner of Reilly's sire, Mighty Heights, over the weekend. She's in California at the moment, at a very big horse show in Palm Springs. Karen broke her neck only a matter of weeks ago - c7 verterbrae, falling from a young horse. She's an amazing woman but clearly also completely mad! She confessed to me that she had ridden three horses earlier that day - If I had an ounce of her talent, guts and determination, I'd be made! She has arranged for a friend of hers, a top Irish SJ rider, to come to NZ to ride Deebs at Horse of the Year in the big international class. I am so pleased he is going to give it a crack - if she can't ride him, I am sure she has selected the very best alternative. I just wish I was able to be there to see him give it a crack!

I went down to the Solway PC ODE on Sunday to take photos for a friend. It's a terrible thing to do when you are not riding really as I ended up wishing I had Lagan back and was taking him around the PT track. Who knows, maybe next year I will manage to have a go at it on Reilly - or perhaps just intro for starters! I just need to have more confidence in my own capabilities.

No photos today, sorry. But, hope you like my new header - it's Rory.