Monday, 19 May 2008

Reilly at home - May 19th

Photos and a brief video of today's ride. The first canter is hysterical - hopefully I remembered to edit out the sound - Bit of excitement when I thought we were going to struggle to get around the corner, especially with Reilly on the wrong lead. Dear little horse tried hard to please me as always. The second canter is much better, we even have the beginnings of self carriage, YAY! Love him!

Watch out Dawg!

So Reilly was feeling his oats this morning when I was out taking clip pix and he and Jet had quite a run around together. Of course my batteries went flat so I missed all the best shots but here are a couple that I managed to get off before the batteries died completely. Jet actually keeps quite a distance from Reilly even though the photos may not show this. She was kicked by a foal a year or so ago and definitely learned from that rather painful lesson.

Another tick in a box for Reilly - Clipped!

I really wish I had video of Reilly's first clipping session now - I swear if you did not know, you would've sworn he had been sedated but no, he was just soaking up the attention because, as far as Reilly is concerned, any time with people is a good time. Karen came down with her lovely quiet cordless clippers and did a much better job of clipping him than I ever would have. So, here are some pix of the finished product!