Saturday, 16 June 2007

Weanling photo shoot

OK so they're not fabulous but here are a collection of shots taken today and a brief video downloaded to YouTube.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

A message from Amy to her Grandparents

Brian and Carol are currently travelling so today Amy made this wee video for them. I think it is quite cute!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

After the rain ... Photos

A view from up the road

A view from the arena

Rockdon Bollee

Rockdon Bollee and Hippy Hip E Shake



Monday, 11 June 2007

Has the drought broken?

We have had an awful season. Somehow, mainly thanks to NRM, an extra 20 acres and very VERY careful grazing management, we have got all the animals through the last 6 months in good health.
After having had no significant rain since December, the heavens opened yesterday afternoon and it has rained steadily since. This is looking like a drought breaker - Hooray! My only real worry is that now that the rain that has finally arrived it won't go away again and my paddocks will turn from dust to mud!!

Sunday, 10 June 2007

All 2006 foals weaned!

Well over the last couple of days we weaned Liath and he has been as easy as they get. Started by putting him and Maude in the yards on separate sides. Both ate their heads off and seemed unperturbed. Meg and Finn were in the paddock next to the yards and showed a lot of interest in Liath. Next day I lead Maude up the road to a prepared paddock at my parents in law. It is so handy having their 10 acres just 1km up the road. Hamish lives there all the time and I am able to use it at weaning time to get a good distance between the mares and foals.

Amazingly Maude dried up over night! I have never known a mare to dry off so fast! Just goes to show that she was more than ready to get rid of the dear little parasite. When Jarrah left us over a week after weaning Finn, she was still expressing milk when she walked!

Liath is now back in with his weanling paddock mates who are treating him with a little suspicion (gee they can pull some mean faces) and I have to give Liath his own bucket of weanling mix and pile of hay whilst Meg and Finn continue to share quite happily. I am sure in a week or so they will all be great mates again. Liath is SO much bigger than Finn!!


We have rain! Steady wet rain - But with the rain has come a drop in temperature and we are decidedly chilly here. Still, can't have it all. I just hope that this rain can be followed with some more of the mild weather we have been experiencing over recent months. I will still cross fingers and hold out some hope for a bit of pasture growth.

Malty Update

Malty is continuing to thrive under Kim's guidance and in her ownership. I cannot wait to see these guys out on the competition circuit!