Friday, 9 July 2010

Our Little Pixie

Figured it had been a while since I had shared any photos of the homebred I am probably the proudest of having produced. Amy will be seven years old in 4.5 months. I really don't know where the time goes. She's just gone to spend three nights in Wellington with my parents - Her very first stay with them without me. I hope she is good!!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Good Bye Dear Friend

On Friday the 2nd of July one of my friends lost the battle she had been waging with cancer. It's such a vicious incidious disease and I hate what it does and the havoc it wreaks on our friends and our loved ones.

Kay was a friend I made via the lifestyleblock website. We knew each other for nearly 10 years and met in person a number of times and always had a good laugh and a chin wag. Kay was a special person who loved her animals, especially her horses and believed in standing up for the little guy. She will be missed by all who knew her, especially her husband and her two sons. I believe Kay left this world with no regrets. She lived life to the full and achieved most of her dreams. When she became sick she didn't roll over and give in, she made a conscious decision to get on with her life and good for her that she did!

On Tuesday Nick, Amy and I made the trek to Tauranga to attend Kay's funeral on Wednesday and I am glad that I got to say a final farewell to my friend and support her family at this difficult time. Kay gave my darling old Broodmare, Ears (Hippy's [RIP] dam) a retirement home and ensured that Roxy had a fantastic home when Michelle decided to move her on and I could think of no better person to entrust with the care of a loved horse.

We visited Kay and Pete's home after the service and I was able to meet Kay's Hamish foal 'Tee' and reunite with my dear old 'Ears'. Pete showed me Kay's tack room - the space she had longed for her whole life, complete with cover racks, saddle racks, bins and pallets and shelving filled with all her treasured horse belongings. It tore at my heart as Kay had very little time before she became too ill to enjoy this treasured space and I can imagine just how much she loved it and how proud of it she was.

I want to thank Kay for everything she helped me with as a friend and for the lessons I learned reading her blog and her posts on the LSB forum. I will miss reading her blog and receiving email updates on how life is treating her and what 'our' horses have been up to. I will miss Kay.