Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Brennan's new saddle

In my whole life I have never, ever, had a new saddle. So, when Brennan's BRAND spanking new Wintec arrived on Monday night I was very, very excited!

The package included a Wintec Pro with contourbloc, the entire Wintec gullet system (including a gullet gauge for measuring), stirrups, Wintec webbers, an elasticated Wintec dressage girth, Wintec saddle cover and white saddle pad and when opening the box I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.

Unfortunately the weather yesterday was not conducive to trying the saddle on for size (we had thunder, lightening, hail, sleet, snow and wind!) but today is a beautiful day so I trundled out this morning to give it a whirl.

Brennan measured wide with the gullet gauge so Nick and I pulled the medium gullet out and put the wide gullet in and I tacked him up and clambered on board. I have not ridden Brennan for many, many months and am packing a few extra winter kgs so the ride was short but very, very sweet. I was amazed at the new tricks he has learned and so impressed with the fantastic job Karen is doing producing him. We even nailed a couple of walk to canter transitions - wicked!

Now I can't wait for Karen to try it out!!